Foresight: business problem solving assessment.

Insights into a person’s ability to learn quickly, acquire new knowledge & solve problems accurately .

Combined with Habitus, the results can be linked to tens of thousands of roles to measure role fit.



technical job performance



minimal gender differences



match your needs

A range of reports.

All reports included at no additional cost:

Candidate – designed to share directly with candidates to boost the candidate experience
Trained User – more technical report for accredited professionals

Built on Science.

Explore key aspects of general mental ability to support recruitment, talent and development decisions.

Foresight is built around three separate abilities:

Verbal Reasoning

Understanding and critically evaluating written information via several business articles.

Numerical Reasoning

Interpreting and analysing numerical information via several linked graphs, tables and dashboards.

Abstract Reasoning

Inferring and predicting abstract information via several sequences of patterns and shapes.


Combined with Habitus, Foresight adds value in a broad range of situations

Sifting Out

Identify candidates who will fit the role and culture, scientifically speed up the shortlisting process

Selecting In

Support the interview process with the tailored Hiring Manager Report

Individual development

Grow and develop staff through increased self-awareness and tailored development plans

Team development

Consider team make-up, collective ways of working and how these impact performance

High Potential Identification

Quickly understand talent pipelines that underpin business critical activities

Organisational Change

Support wider business change with objective data to underpin key people moves

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