[builder_content post_id=”438″]Our Customers Love Us Dr Richard MacKinnon WorkLifePsych Justin has supported me on a wide range of projects over the last five years. Always an absolute pleasure to work with, he stands out in terms of his technical knowledge, his conscientious approach to delivery and his breadth of experience. Justin is truly an assessment expert and he keeps up to date with developments in his professional space. I’ve found him to be consistently client-focused, rigorous in his thinking and execution and a truly ethical and considerate practitioner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any organisation! Lucy Cox Warner Brothers I have worked with Justin in various guises over the last 6 years, most recently with the design and facilitation of our annual Developing Leaders Programme. He is an absolute pleasure to work with; managing to balance being a true subject matter expert when it comes to all things assessment and development, with being a really lovely person to be around. Justin has been and will continue to be a huge inspiration to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to deliver results grounded in solid psychological and statistical insight. Emma Lowe Network Rail I have worked with Justin whilst at Network Rail and subsequently on and off and have always enjoyed working with him on projects. He is very thorough and insightful but as well as these talents, the thing that stands out for me is that Justin is the only person I know who gets genuinely excited about psychological assessment and statistics….and understands it all! Being passionate about a subject is not something you can teach and this passion is a true strength. He is always the person I go to when I have questions about selection and psychometrics because as well as liking the subject and knowing about it he also keeps up to date with the latest research and is always looking for innovation. I would always recommend Justin to anyone wishing to do work in the areas of selection, talent management, leadership, organisational development and cultural change. Cher Hill YSC Justin has been a trusted partner and associate of YSC for the past 5 years, working across multiple FTSE 100 clients and projects. Alongside his unique capacity to blend expertise in organisational psychology and evidence-based theory with a sophisticated understanding of business context, he brings huge reserves of energy, creativity, humour and patience. His pro-active approach and ability to think forward makes him a consummate centre manager – someone who knows exactly when to challenge and when to adapt. His ideas are always value adding and grounded in up-to-date research. As a result, he builds fantastic partnerships and is a real asset to any client or team. David Cook EDF Energy I really valued Justin’s expert guidance and support during his partnership with us (EDF Energy) to design and deliver our talent assessment programme. His clear expertise continually impressed us and helped to keep us on the right track with respect to objectivity, robustness of process, analytical insights and effectiveness of design. In terms of working relationship, I personally found him to be very helpful, understanding and patient, supporting us to find balanced, tailored solutions to some very particular needs. His expertise and personable manner means I have easily learned to trust and value his guidance and input. Nicola Maycock YSC

Having worked with Justin over 7 years he’s on my speed-dial list for all things validity, reliability, statistics, innovation and latest thinking when it comes to psychometrics and assessment. He makes geek-speak business-relevant and the advantages of his approach are obvious. Away from his expertise in assessment, I have also learned a lot about coffee (and wine!) in our time together. To client relationships Justin brings patience, humour, understanding and endless enthusiasm for his field. As a co-worker, he balances support and challenge to bring out the best in those around him, constantly striving for improvement and betterment. I will continue to seek out his skills, despite him being on the other side of the world.

Jason Blaik Revelian We were fortunate recently to have Justin facilitate a full-day statistics session with the Revelian R&D Psychs. While the focus was on the use of a number of R packages and RStudio, Justin customised his approach and content so as to relate explicitly to our particular context. The feedback from all involved was highly favourable and indicated not only an enhanced level of confidence but also real value gains for future work applications.

All this achieved with a relaxed and informal style of training, which further enhanced our learning and general experience of the day. An expert in this field, I would strongly recommend Justin’s training for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and level of expertise in the areas of statistics and psychometrics. Ready to Work Together? Let’s Talk About Your Next Project Contact us[/builder_content]