What we do

Psychometrics, Assessment, Leadership Potential & Machine Learning


We have a range of high quality psychometrics that are immediately available using our web based testing platform:

  1. Habitus – personality at work
  2. Foresight – business problem solving ability
  3. Signature – leadership potential

We also create custom psychometrics such as Situational Judgement Tests, Blended Assessments & Role Fit Quizzes.

As we have our psychometric testing platform, we can offer a high degree of flexibility around assessment inputs and reporting outputs.



We have created an wide array of customised assessments for a range of sophisticated clients, including:

  • Deep-dive interviews and work samples
  • Full-day simulations
  • Two-day assessment and development centres with all the trimmings

These assessments have supported decision making for graduate and experienced hires / promotions, in addition to emerging, middle and senior leadership positions.

We can create the full suite of typical exercises, including using professional actors for role plays, training up assessors, run wash-ups / integrations sessions – trust us, we are seasoned veterans in this space!



We provide independent and objective measurement of a leader’s strengths and development needs through:

  • 360 degree feedback surveys
  • Exploratory psychological interviews
  • Targeted simulations¬†

Our clients use the data these approaches produce to support coaching initiatives, leadership / talent development activities or to inform hiring panels prior to final stage interviews.

Machine Learning.

AI, machine learning, big data, fancy stats Рwhatever you like to call it, we have fun playing with numbers and ensuring our statistical models link to real world outcomes.  Some of our highlights include:
– Analysing 5M emails to create social networks that predict High Potential leaders.
– Identifying one personality trait and two interview questions could predict who would pass a 2-day assessment centre, with about 80% accuracy.
– Matching tens of thousands of school kids to over 900 careers.
– Correctly picking the 2018 & 2019 Melbourne Cup race winners!
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Our workflow.

Whilst each project is different, we typically follow these stages when working with clients:



We like to start by understanding your business and the problems you want to solve



We identify a range of options and work with you to shape these into something suitable


Design & development

We build the first version of your solution and check that it is behaving itself for a range of users



We link the outputs of what has been created to outcomes that matter in your business

Drop us a note and we can start by understanding your business