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We support companies with whom to hire and promote by precisely predicting performance.

What We Do

Psychometrics, Assessment, Leadership Potential,

Machine Learning & AI Bias Audits.


High quality psychometrics available on our web based testing platform:

Our psychometric testing platform offers flexibility around assessment inputs and reporting outputs.


Customised assessments for a range of sophisticated clients, including:

  • Deep-dive interviews and work samples
  • Full-day simulations
  • Two-day assessment and development centres with all the trimmings

These assessments have supported decision making for graduates through to emerging, middle and senior leaders.


Independent and objective measurement of a leader’s strengths and development needs through:

  • 360 degree feedback surveys
  • Exploratory psychological interviews
  • Targeted simulations

Clients use these insights to support coaching, leadership / talent development activities or to inform final stage interviews.

Learn more about micro & macro level solutions here.

Machine Learning

AI, machine learning, big data, fancy stats – whatever you like to call it, we have fun playing with numbers and ensuring our models link to real world outcomes. Some highlights include:

  • Analysing 5M emails to create social networks that predict High Potential leaders.
  • Matching tens of thousands of school kids to over 900 careers.
  • Correctly picking the winner of the Melbourne Cup horse race two years in a row.

AI Bias Audits

In line with NYC Local Law 144, we deliver bias audits through an impartial & independent evaluation of automated employment decision tools (AEDT).

These bias audits analyse an AEDT for discrimination against the protected categories of sex, race/ethnicity, or intersections of these.

Learn more about this service here.


Personality Questionnaire

Measures preferred ways of thinking, feeling & behaving at work.


Business Problem Assessment
Measures ability to solve problems related to words, numbers and patterns.


Leadership Questionnaire

Measures leadership potential across three leadership styles.

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