Signature: leadership potential assessment.

Insights into a person’s leadership potential across three distinct styles.

Measures key predictors of leadership performance: personality plus cognitive ability.


Distinct Leadership Styles


Built from research studies


Benchmarked on Middle & Senior Leaders

A range of reports.

All reports included at no additional cost:

Candidate – designed to share directly with candidates to boost the candidate experience
Trained User – more technical report for accredited professionals

Built on Science.

Explore key aspects of leadership potential to support recruitment, talent and development decisions.

Signature is built around three leadership styles:

People Focus

Where leaders are responsible for winning hearts and minds, often with a large number of direct reports.

Intellectual focus

Where strategic thinking and innovation are key, leaders who create new ideas or ways of working within the business.

Executional focus

Where leaders need to implement or push through large scale changes or projects within the business.


Signature adds value in a broad range of situations

Leadership Assessment

Compliment existing interviews with a deep dive into specific elements that drive leadership success.

HiPo Development

Invest in identified talent by pinpointing areas that could slow progress.

Talent Identification

Quickly spot emerging leaders across large groups of people, for instance in Graduates.

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