Leadership & Talent Assessments

Deep-dive on key roles to manage risk and ensure strategic alignment.

Independent data-driven insights

Supporting your high stakes decisions.

Exponential Impact

  • Leaders & critical role holders have far reaching impact on teams and the wider business
  • The right hire can positively impact performance, engagement & retention
  • Overused strengths or interpersonal blind-spots can lead to unintended impacts on teams, peers & customer

Performance under Duress

  • We all experience the world moving faster and the status quo shifting beneath our feet - how your leaders react to change, challenge & feedback is critical
  • Using Habitus, we can explore behaviours that could arise when a leader is at their best, or worst 
  • Trained users access new insights that could help or hinder a leader moving into a new key role
  • Proactive identification of distinctive leader styles can allow tailored mitigations to support performance in role

Fit across Key Roles

  • Harness our job database of over 40K roles to measure distance-to-destination for multiple key roles
  • Selected feedback reports provide tailored guidance on where a person's personality compares with a role's success signature
  • Add your own custom roles and success signatures to ensure alignment with what drives success in your business
  • Benchmark results against multiple comparison groups, including Australian leaders

Talent at Scale

  • Transcend one-off talent decisions by developing insights across your entire talent community
  • Map your jobs to our database to allow job fit scoring for every employee, against every job, in your organisation
  • Create local benchmarks that align with strong performance
  • See your talent wood from the trees by exploring succession plans for key roles, whilst ensuring diverse talent pipelines

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