Our psychometric platform.

Clients use one of our public or private server instances to completely self-manage their recruitment, selection and assessment needs.

Efficient + scientific shortlisting

Shortlist based on specific role fit. Thousands to choose from.

Shortlist further on candidate audio responses.

Interview using a tailored report.

Flexible            Design

SaaS design allows 24 / 7 access.

Combine multiple candidate insights in one place.

Create testing projects to match your business structure or processes.

Customisable to client needs

Share reports and audio responses with clients.

Create industry & client specific roles, plus test benchmarks.

Map test outputs to client competency or value frameworks.

Insightful Reports

Brand them to match your style.

Tailored interview guide.

Candidate report included, to boost their experience.

Getting started is easy.

Intuitive design plus phone support.

Create your project.

Step-by-step design to ensure everything is considered.

Review the results.

Simple Dashboard to filter results and spot patterns.

Deep dive into candidate results.

Explore detailed results plus listen to their audio responses.


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Uptime availability

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